Anti Surge Oil Baffle Plate

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When cornering at high speed the oil can work its way out of the sump oil pan and flow across to the upper sump castings, leaving a lower volume of oil behind surrounding the oil pick up pipe. The job of the oil pick up pipe is to suck oil up out of the oil sump pan and distribute it around your engines oil galleries (ensuring precious moving engine components are kept lubricated and cool at all times). If oil is not available to the pick up pipe then naturally many areas of the engine do not receive the precious lifeblood they need to survive, temperatures rise, metals expand and ultimately components fail.

The idea of a baffle plate is to put a "lid" on the container holding the engines oil, ensuring that if the momentum of the vehicle is thrown to one side the oil still remains in its designated area.

If we look at the baffle plate in detail you will notice the rubber flaps or "diverters" located all over the base. These flaps only open one way, to allow engine oil into the sump. When cornering hard the oil finds it much harder to flow out of the sump as its usual escape hatches are now closed or deleted completely, hence why a sump baffle plate is a must for those driving fast road, track days, rallying, or sprint events.

The Spacer Plate option gives the same protection but with the added benefit of an added oil capacity increase.

These are used in all our 3SGTE forged engine builds now as standard.


  • The rubber diverter flaps are made from high temperature "Viton" rubber to cope with the high engine oil temperatures.

  • These are from an OEM E30 M3 BMW so provide factory quality.

  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel.

  • Comes with all new Stainless Steel Fasteners.