ARP Head Studs

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Product Description

The ARP Cylinder Head Stud Kit is a must have when pushing performance in high boost turbocharged or high compression engine builds. Unlike OEM head bolts, the ARP bolts are reusable and do not stretch. They can be used with all OEM and metal headgaskets.

ARP is the market leader in fasteners and bolts for racing and high performance engines.  ARP's Top quality, exact tolerances, and use the best materials and machining processes, as well as the ability to survive the rigors of motorsport, make ARP bolts and fasteners the No1 choice.

ARP Manufacturing Overview

ARP was the first company to design and engineer fasteners specifically for racing. We developed many patented process for manufacturing high strength fasteners from very strong materials. We have continued to improve our processes and quality control and we are now our manufacturing operations are ISO 9001 and AS9100 registered. There's not another company in the world that is as focused on building superior quality fasteners for all forms of racing and non-racing applications as ARP.

These are a "Modification Required Upgrade" so don't fit directly out of the box. The standard Bolt is an M9 where this upgrade is M10, requiring the block and head need to be drilled and re-tapped to suit, but the increase in stud size greatly increases its clamping ability for higher powered applications

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