TB Developments 3sgte GT/GTX28 External Wastegate

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TB Developments are proud to offer these true bolt on turbocharger kits for the 3sgte in either Mr2 or Celica format. 

These kits include everything required to bolt the Garrett line of dual ball bearing turbochargers to the 3sgte. Initially offering the GT turbocharger range and now the new GTX with its lightweight billet 11 blade compression for even faster spool and more power per psi of boost pressure.



Turbocharger of choice
Tial 38mm External Wastegate
all coolant and oil lines,
adaptors gaskets ect.
A machined manifold adaptor from a block of solid steel (not cast)
Full Stainless Steel Downpipe, with 3" Vband and Flexi Section to resist cracking.
Option of either reroute or screamer pipe wastegate vent options

Wastegates come in a host of colour options


With all the options available it can get very confusing, If you need help feel free to ask and i'll point you in the right direction based on our many years using this turbocharger package and platform