Crank Seal Spacers

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Product Description


The crank spacers are designed to relocate the crank seals "2MM" onto a fresh part of the crank shaft. Over years of use the crank seals erode a grove in the crank where the seal sits, This grove compromises the sealing ability of the seal causing leaks.

The typical fix for this is to either weld the grove up and re-machine the crank, Sleeve the crank and run a custom oversized seal or replace the crank shaft. All very expensive for a simple issue.

  • This simple modification sits behind the seal in the seal housing.
  • Moves the seal onto a full diameter of the untouched material crank.
  • Still allows full clamping of the seal into the housing.
  • Incorporates a simple drain at the base so the seal can shed excess oil.
  • Built from 304 Stainless Steel