CT26 - CT20b Sports Cat

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Product Description

One of the best quality decats available on the market place today for the 3sgte. Specially designed to help avoid the dreaded boost creep issue, giving huge wastegate discharge area and guaranteed not to foul the flap operation.

  • Made from 316l marine grade stainless steel piping, fully TIG welded. 10mm stainless flanges.

  • If you want the best don't accept anything else.

  • High quality Stainless Steel flex section to account for vibration and thermal expansion to reduce any chances of cracking.
  • Made entirely by us in the UK.

  • Each pipe comes with Stainless Bolts and a Gasket Fitting Kit.

  • Designed to fit the 3sgte fitted to ST185 & ST205 Celica's also Revision 1+2 & Revision 3+ MR2's with the CT Factory Turbocharger Fitted.

  • Specially Jigged for each application including correct 6 or 7 Bolt top flange, and correct 3" 3 bolt low flange location

  • Numerous fitment options available to suit all model and hybrid requirements.

  • High Quality 200 Cell Catalytic Converter manufactured by Magnaflow that comes with a manufacturer lifetime warranty so no cheap Chinese low quality rubbish.


New hyrbid options have been added for customers who wish to fit upgraded hybrid turbochargers. Often when these turbos are made they will use either the early OR later 6 / 7 bolt exhaust housings. Which means you can get into a situation where an early turbocharger casting is fitted to a later model car (st205/rev3+). Until now you could fit the correct turbo downpipe but would misalign at the exhaust, Or the correct car downpipe and you removed 1 stud from the turbo leaving an open hole. Our Hybrid Solution resolves this and allows the correct bolt pattern turbo flange, but also the correct fitment to the car.