Defi Gauges - Racer

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Product Description

Defi Racer Gauges are derived from quick-responsive and high-accurate Defi analog gauges. This is a standalone gauge does not need any controller units typical of many Defi gauge kits. Stealth black when not powered and a colored typical to the interior gauges. 



  • Stepping motor "STEP MASTER VS-2" provides smooth operation.
  • Ignition ON initiates self-luminescence gauge.
  • Illumination using high-brightness LEDs
  • Lightning-like Opening / Closing mode
  • Full 270 degrees sweep dial provides ultimate visibility.
  • A mounting bracket and instrument case is provided with the product.
  • The red triangle of the regular position bezel can be used as a warning indicator 
  • Does not require the Defi-Link Control Unit for use.


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