Heavy Duty Aluminium Gasket

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A Heavy Duty annealed Aluminium Gasket for the 3 bolt flange situated at the top of the first exhaust section.  These exhaust gaskets conform easily to surface irregularities and creates a tight leak proof seal. They will not shrink, deteriorate, blow-out or burn-out. Ideal for race and street. 

  • Reusable Header/Exhaust Manifold and Collector Flange Gaskets
  • Manufactured annealed aluminium - 2mm thick
  • Conforms Easily to Surface Irregularities
  • Will Not Shrink, Deteriorate, or Blow Out - Eliminating Gasket Leaks
  • Ideal For Race, Street Applications

  • Available in all UK, JDM and VVTi 2JZGTE Supra Models