ME221 Standalone "Plug-n-Play" ECU

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Product Description


The ME221 Plug-In ECU range offers all the features of the ME221 platform with the convenience of using the factory harness and sensors to give a quick install time on a range of vehicles, while still allowing upgrades such as MAF-less fuel control, turbocharging or throttle body installs to be carried out.

  • VE Based fuelling algorithm (MAF-less)
  • Supports all OEM Sensors/Dash/AC etc
  • Boost Control
  • OEM Idle Control
  • High Accuracy
  • COP Support
  • USB Connectivity
  • Switchable Maps
  • VVT & DSP Knock Control
  • Configurable IO with Auxillary Inputs/Outputs
  • Advanced Motorsport Features
  • Powerful Tuning Suite

Hardware Features


  • Powerful 180MHz RISC processor
  • Installs into the OEM Casing
  • 60psi On-Board MAP Sensor
  • Direct Fit to OEM Harness
  • Fault Diagnostics
  • Extra I/O

Software Features

  • Advanced VE Fuel Model
  • Sequential Fuel & Ignition
  • Digital Crank/Cam Triggers, Array of OEM Patterns Supported
  • Real-Time Switchable Fuel, Ignition & Boost Maps
  • Individual Cylinder Trims
  • Re-mappable Inputs/Outputs
  • 16×16 Floating Point Fuel, Ignition, AFR, VVT, Boost Tables etc
  • Multi-Dimensional Trims (IAT, CLT, VSS, DeltaError)
  • Closed Loop/Open Loop Boost, Idle, VVT, Lambda
  • Closed Loop VVT & simple V-Tec cam control
  • Water-meth injection Control
  • Flex-Fuel Support
  • DSP Windowed Per-Cylinder Knock Control
  • Motorsport Features such as Anti-Lag, Launch Control
  • 6x General Purpose Tables (Create any function you can think of!)
  • Long Term Trim and Auto-Tune