Polyurethane Shifter Bushes

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Product Description

These polyurethane shift bushes are made from high quality 90 shore rubber. These will stiffen up the shift feel yet still allow some compliance to eliminate the harsh "notchy" feeling of the gearbox while using solid bushes, while maintaining a numbness of the OEM shift mechanism yet giving a more connected feel.

This is a free floating design, which means the bush is free to move around its pivot point but also inside the bush housing of the centre cable without restraint. The thick stainless steel washer sits ontop to eliminate distance to the retaining pin (provided) but allowing a clearance for the bush to operate and rotate freely.

Also called Gear Link Bushes


  • Made 90 Shore Hardness Polyurethane
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Spacer Washer
  • Comes with all retaining clips required.