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SPEC manufactures some of the most popular aftermarket performance clutches on the planet, with single and twin-disc versions available to make the most of your ride's power. In addition, SPEC makes billet aluminum flywheels and upgraded pressure plates that are both lighter and stronger than factory original parts, allowing your engine to rev freely and quickly for better performance. We carry a lot of SPEC clutch products to suit your needs, so check out the SPECS and get your ride up to SPEC.
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Torque Capacity

Stage 1     350ft/lbs
Stage 2     398ft/lbs
Stage 2+   450ft/lbs
Stage 3     480ft/lbs
Stage 3+   555ft/lbs
Stage 4     480ft/lbs
Stage 5     670ft/lbs

Mini Twin R-Trim    800ft/lbs
Mini Twin H-Trim    800ft/lbs
Mini Triple X-Trim   1200ft/lbs