TB Developments CT26/20b Clocking Bracket

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Product Description

On the Celica GT4 when fitting a FMIC its common to want to clock the turbocharger downwards to give a shorter and neater intercooler piping route, With the turbocharger wastegate actuator bolting directly to the compressor housing this becomes difficult.

TB Developments provide the answer in the form of a modified clocked turbocharger housing. These are simple to fit and clock the turbocharger while allowing all the wastegate actuator to bolt up firmly to the compressor housing, also allowing all the accessory fittings to bolt up as Toyota intended

This is an exchange item, a £100.00 refundable surcharge is to be added if you wish to send me your old housing after fitting this item. Or send me your original one in advance and avoid this.

Hybrid turbochargers will require the housing to be sent in advance because of the unique compressor wheel machining they have received upon construction.

£100.00 Surcharge is refunded upon arrival of a re-useable compressor housing.