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Product Description

Street Basis Z Coilover Suspension Kit - Adjustable Ride Height, And Fixed Damping.

The Street Basis Z coilover kit is a brand new street ready kit at a very affordable price.

The Street Basis Z kits allow users to adjust the ride height by moving the lower spring seat either up or down, the basis Z is fixed damping.

The kit will include front and rear units. The exact layout of the kit will match the arrangement already on the car. In most cases both front and rear lowering will be adjustable, unless the layout of the factory suspension on the car prevents it.

Specifications Include:

  • Uses OE Mounts
  • Twin Tube for longer stroke and softer initial response
  • Ride Height adjustable via spring seat
  • Powder coated body for corrosion resistance
  • Optimal Dust Boots offering protection

Tein Flex Z Coilover Suspension Kit - Adjustable Ride Height Full Length System, 16 Levels Of Linear Damping Force Adjustment. Tein Flex Z Coilovers offer a high quality coilover system at a very attractive price due to the adoption of a new platform.

These Tein coilover kits give an increase in stability and grip, while maintaining good ride quality on the road and a top quality stance for an all bases covered solution. A shortened damper body is utilized to allow for better ride and improved performance when at lowered ride heights. Street Flex Z coilover kits are a great option for drivers wanting a simple and quality made coilover kit. Each application is test fitted and road tested to ensure the best possible balance between comfort and performance on the road.Fully compatible with EDFC and the new EDFC Active.

There is a large range of ride height adjustment available to give a drop from minor to major.

  • Twin tube internal construction for great performance and economic pricing.    
  • Larger 22mm piston diameter for strut type dampers   
  • Twin tube internal construction   
  • Full length ride height adjustable system   
  • Powder coated damper body with zinc coated coilover section   
  • Fully serviceable

Any options available to spring rates, top mount options etc will be confirmed after ordering.

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